General Guidelines and Instructions

General Guidelines and Instructions

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Transfer of LLC Oversight

  • Initial Login: After finalizing the online Commercial Registered Agent Authorization, you'll receive login credentials for our client portal.
  • Managing Member Update: Log in to provide your Managing Member details and the vehicle data for the previously registered vehicle with your former CRA.

Yearly Renewals

  • Renewal Confirmation: If you've paid your renewal fee, no further action is needed. Your client portal will update from 'Pending' to 'Completed' once the State of Montana confirms the payment.

Transfer of LLC to New Owner

  • Selling Your LLC: For transferring your LLC and assets, purchase the "TRANSFER OF LLC OWNERSHIP" package from our "SHOP." Provide basic info about your LLC and the new Buyer.
  • Authorization Process: Following the online authorization by both parties, our team will confirm the transfer within one business day. The new Owner will then receive their login details for the portal.

LLC & Vehicle Registration Packages & Additional Vehicle Purchases

  • Account Setup: After your purchase, you'll receive a Username & Temporary Password. Update your password, then log in to enter "Managing Members / Owners" information and "Vehicle Data" for registration.
  • Managing Members Entry: If the primary Managing Member's info matches the contact data, use the "Same as Contact Info" option for replication. Add additional Members if necessary.
  • Vehicle Information Submission: Use the "ADD VEHICLE" button to input all required data for registration. Remember to save all entered data.

Completing Your MV24 Form

  1. Complete ONLY the SELLER INFORMATION with the name on your proof of ownership. This would be your TITLE, MCO or TRANSFERRABLE REGISTRATION for states such as NJ, NY & Maine, as well as other states that DO NOT issue titles and only use REGISTRATIONS as proof of ownership.
       A. Seller’s Name
       B. Seller’s Printed Name
       C. Seller’s Address
       D. Seller’s DL #
       E. Date
  2. DO NOT FILL IN THE PURCHASER INFORMATION whatsoever. Our title clerk will do that due to a Montana statute that does not allow the SELLER & PURCHASER to be the same signer.

NOTARY STAMP is NO LONGER REQUIRED on the new MV24 that you will
receive from us.

Completing the MV70 form:

  1. The ONLY thing that needs to be done is for you to SIGN YOUR PERSONAL NAME next to the name of your LLC at the bottom of the MV70 form.

Fill out the Title document:

  2. Title may require a notary for transfer, such as Pennsylvania & Montana

We must have ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS with REAL SIGNATURES, no DocuSign or Auto Signatures whatsoever. The state of Montana will not accept them.

You will place the original signed documents & acceptable proof of ownership in an envelope WITH TRACKING INFORMATION and send it to our office address below:
5656 W Harrier Drive
Suite 2
Missoula, MT 59808


Receiving Your MT Tag & Documents

  • Processing Timeline: After we receive your documents, they are processed the next business day. You can expect your MT Tag & Documents to be returned within 7-10 business days, shipped via Priority USPS.

Need Assistance?

  • Customer Support: For inquiries, contact us at or call 1-406-646-2200 ext 220. Live Chat is also available during business hours on our website.

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