Q: How does Montana Tags help me avoid sales tax on luxury vehicles?

A: By registering your vehicle under a Montana-based LLC, you can legally bypass the sales tax typically charged on high-value purchases, due to Montana's tax-friendly laws.

Q: Are emissions testing requirements applicable to my vehicle with Montana Tags?

A: No, when you register your vehicle through Montana Tags, you're not subject to Montana's emissions testing, offering a hassle-free registration experience.

Q: What does having a permanent tag mean for my vehicle?

A: A permanent tag from Montana means that you don't need to renew your vehicle registration annually; only the LLC needs renewal, simplifying the process.

Q: Will I need to have my vehicle inspected in my state after registering with Montana Tags?

A: No, registering with Montana Tags exempts your vehicle from state inspection requirements, regardless of where you're located.

Q: What kind of support can I expect from Montana Tags?

A: Every client receives a dedicated account manager to provide personalized assistance throughout the registration process.

Q: Can I also avoid sales tax on commercial fleet registrations?

A: Yes, commercial fleets registered through Montana Tags benefit from the same absence of sales tax as individual luxury vehicles.

Q: Is it possible to make my SXS street legal in any state?

A: Montana Tags specializes in making SXS street legal nationwide, handling all the necessary paperwork and compliance for you.

Q: Do I need to transfer my vehicle's title to my home state?

A: No, there's no need to transfer your vehicle's title. Your Montana LLC acts as the legal owner, keeping your registration valid across all states.

Q: Is it legal to have an out-of-state vehicle registration?

A: Yes, it's completely legal to have a vehicle registered out-of-state through an LLC, as provided by Montana Tags.

Q: What if my vehicle doesn't have a title?

A: Montana Tags can work with a bill of sale and the vehicle's serial number to help you legally register your vehicle.

Q: Will I need a motorcycle license for my street-legal SXS?

A: If your SXS is classified as a motorcycle after becoming street legal, you'll need the appropriate license to operate it.

Q: Can I finance a vehicle and still use Montana Tags for registration?

A: Yes, you can finance a vehicle and use Montana Tags' services, although we may need to coordinate with your financing bank.

Q: Is insurance required for my street-legal vehicle?

A: Yes, insurance is required for all street-legal vehicles, and you must meet the insurance requirements of the state where you'll be driving.